Friday, 10 January 2014

Epic Fail

Hey guys so I tried to dye my hair again. Oh wait I didn’t even tell u I tried to dye my hair twice before. Silly me! Ok I’ll start from the very beginning.

So I asked a few ladies with natural afro hair like myself who had dyed their hair previously and I was told that dark and lovely was the best as it had no alcohol in it. I was trying as much as possible not to put chemicals in my hair. It seemed to work for everyone else but me. I was so annoyed after all the stress I had gone through researching and all that. I later found out from this random blog on google that I would have to bleach my hair first before dyeing it as my hair wouldn’t normally retain dye; which means chemically treating my hair (errr no!!!). I did not cut my long luscious relaxed chemically damaged hair to start bombarding it with chemicals again. I worked too hard to keep my hair looking pretty, it is not about to be messed up! 

They also said that I could use henna instead of having to bleach my hair as it is a natural dye and is also healthy to use on natural curls a.k.a my fro (or maybe I read it wrong). Anyway I bought the henna at the beauty store in Lewisham for 99p (delighted) and also bought some lime from the fruit and veg store in Lewisham. The guy at the hair shop told me that if I wanted to dye my hair I should mix henna with egg (haven’t tried it but I have used egg as protein treatment before with avocado, yet to try cucumber, also cucumber apparently is good for you face, ok moving on). So I went home and prepared my hair remedy, no measurements (maybe that’s why it didn’t work). Safe to say, my hair is still black! But then I discovered that henna excellent for deep conditioning your hair. So maybe something good came out of this whole dyeing hair process. I really wanted to rock red hair :(

Check out the results of my henna application. Before and After. My fro has never felt this good.




  1. how long did you leave it in for?? did you know henna comes in diff shades also??

    1. I left it on for like 5 hours boo. Yes I have also seen the black one but I chose the red one in hope that my hair would turn red ha.