Friday, 30 May 2014

Lectures in Poitiers

The lecturers I've had here so far have also left "a stamp" after their lectures however here are the ones who stood out for me.

The first lecturer was a Welsh man who had a posh London accent (I’m not sure what happened there), said "alright then, ok then, here we are" a lot and also spoke a lot of French. I have to say he is the best lecturer I have ever had. I am not even exaggerating. At first I was quite sceptical about him but he did a great job. He did not use PowerPoint slides but just talked a lot and wrote on the board and guess what? It was an excellent method. I wish all lecturers did that because it made us remember the content of the course more. He gave us nice questions for the exam too ha-ha.

The next lecturer we had looked like Robert Downey Jr. only less sexy. He had an American French accent. He talked really slow and steady, so calm. It was cute! LOL. Oh and he studied law at Harvard oooo fancy so I guess we are receiving Harvard standard lectures seeing as he gave us Harvard Law materials woooohoooo.... (Moving on). He was very good but was always late.

The final one who stood out for me was my tall German hottie, my favourite of them all. All the girls in the class loved him. He was so knowledgeable on everything Social Media and helped us with our dissertations. He had done the course a few years ago and went on to work in America. I can guarantee all the girls will pass that class because we listened attentively. Yes to more handsome lecturers in the future, they make it easier to learn. We left a few kisses for him on his feedback form. He got only one last year but this year he got 6!

I will certainly have the most memories in Poitiers. I've grown a lot closer to my classmates, taken trips with them, had various lunches and dinners with them and so on. Now all that is over but I certainly hope we will have lots of reunions later.

On the plus side I won the award for funniest in my class. And I got a “certificate” to prove it ha-ha. Check me out:

Till next time,

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

IMCo* Course Reflection

Overall the course has been an amazing experience for me. Coming from a science background I was a bit sceptical about it. However it has totally exceeded my expectations. I had no clue about marketing before I came into the course and now I am confident that I can excel in the marketing world with the skills I have learnt in this course. I didn’t feel this way with my undergraduate course, I couldn’t see myself in a lab but now I can certainly see myself being a PR consultant.

My team working skills have improved throughout this semester. I haven’t done so much group work in my entire life. I learned to tolerate people and their opinions. I was used to always being a leader but I learned from this course that other people can also lead. I learned the importance of team work in a marketing campaign. Different brains work together to produce amazing concepts. Sometimes one person cannot do all the work. I also learned the strengths and weaknesses of the different people I worked with. When different people’s strengths some together, it cancels out the weaknesses. Listening is key in team work, it is the key to cooperation and cooperation is the key to great teamwork and therefore great results.

The structure of the course gave us a lot of time to think about what we have done as well as reflect. The lunchtime lectures also gave us an insight into a world outside the classroom. It gave me the opportunity to think about where I would like to end up when I’m finished with this course.

Being with so many different cultures for such a long time in one place was a new experience for me. It is nice to know that we share memories from two different countries that we will cherish forever. I was also able to learn important aspects of different cultures especially that of France because it was the most dominant. I never believed I would want to live in a different country apart from mine but now I am more open minded and would like to explore more of the world as well as improve my French language skills. Being in Poitiers has certainly given me the opportunity to improve my French and this is an excellent skill if I want to work in a multinational company.

The question now is: am I equipped to face the future? Yes I believe I am! I have gone from being the minority in group work, back to being a major contributor. With all the skills I have learned during this course, I am ready to face the world through employment, and make spectacular changes to the future of marketing.

I have now come to the end of the taught part of my masters degree. What’s next for me some might ask? My reply will certainly be: 6 exams, thesis and work placement. Wish me luck.

IMCo is the way!


*The official name for the course is MA Strategic Marketing Communications (dual award). Seeing as it is a dual award, we will also be getting a certificate from France Business School for MSc International Marketing Communications (hence the name IMCo) as well as University of Greenwich for the MA.