Monday, 28 April 2014

Female bants

My mother has started asking for my boyfriend or better still “husband”. Shout out to those of us who are already married at 22, you certainly escaped this period. When I was in secondary school I remember mum telling me “Tosin you cannot have a boyfriend until you are 18” and then it changed to “You cannot have a boyfriend until you get to university” because she realised I was starting university before 18. When I turned 21 it was “I hope men have started looking at you oh because you are getting old, almost ready for marriage”. Some people were not even allowed to have boyfriends until university graduation. Our mothers really don’t know what’s going on but I’ll give you a low-down.
Exhibit A: The guy that takes a girl to the cinema and allows her to pay for her movie ticket and drink, and watches her while she does it. Why would you invite me to the cinema if I’ll be paying for myself, on a date????? Why???? Can’t you even pretend? Like seriously so that at least you can score a second date. I mean, if I invited someone to the cinema, I would pay (okay maybe not all the time but I’m not asking them on dates so it’s different).
Exhibit B: The guy that asks a girl to buy him credit, lunch, dinner, etc.
Exhibit C: The guy that asks a girl to borrow him money and doesn’t pay it back for three months or more even when he has the money and he knows you are broke!!!
Exhibit D: The guy that behaves like a woman and expects you to be following him up and down like flies.

I need to school some dudes on how to make a girl like you, ask her out, etc. I am the sort of girl who likes to act all “independent woman” and stuff. I have no issue paying for other people’s things whether it is a guy or a girl. A lot of guys notice this and they try to take advantage or maybe they are just flat out broke. At least try to impress me on the first date!
I used to wonder why Nigerian girls were so desperate to marry rich men. In fact, I called them gold diggers. I would like to apologise to them publicly. I certainly did not know what I was saying. Okay maybe I did. Some chics just take it too far. Every woman needs “security”. I am not saying go out and look for rich men. At least “hold your own” and I shall hold mine. I’m always down for the odd “pay for movies and I’ll pay for dinner”.
I’m guessing there’s still a lot to learn about the male specie…
*sigh*  The life of a young ambitious lady.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I hate vegetables

This was written by a good friend of mine who wants to remain anonymous. I absolutely love vegetables so I have no idea what she’s on about. However the rest of you who don’t like vegetables may be able to relate. Enjoy!

LOL. All I can say is someone please help her out! ASAP!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Job hunting woes

I think this has to be the most difficult time in a young person’s life. It’s absolutely horrific. It is so stressful having to change your CV for every job you apply to. Some companies asking for impossible things makes me just want to pull out all my hair. The worst part of it all is that there’s usually no time (24 hours in a day is never enough). When you go to classes for 9am to 5pm everyday and all you want to do is sleep and eat but you realise that “oh wait I’ve got to finish my P&G application”.

The sad ones are the ones which read “unfortunately you were not successful at this time”. So when will I be successful??????? :( :( :( Another annoying one was when I got an email saying I lived in Ireland and the job is in the UK, its only two days a week, its unpaid, we need someone asap and you are not available asap. Sad Sad stuff!

So I got an interview for a job I didn’t even apply for. One would think I’d be happy about it. Indeed! I was absolutely freaked out. I started to check all my email accounts for when I applied for this job and I couldn’t find any application evidence. I even checked my LinkedIn but nothing. I asked the people on my Facebook; some said it is a miracle, it’s Jesus, it’s God (I wish), while others said it’s a scam or they found you on LinkedIn. I know I’m absolutely amazing and all but I don’t think I’ll be as attractive as those who bother to pay for LinkedIn premium. I mean I would have loved to have been found by a company who would have said “we will pay you a minimum of £18,000 per annum” or “this is unpaid voluntary work experience”, not necessarily one that will collect nearly £2000 off me to do an internship; I certainly could not afford that! If I could I probably would take the opportunity to go to Beijing, so if anyone wants to sponsor my trip to Beijing don’t hesitate to give me a shout :) :) :)