Monday, 17 February 2014

Poitiers Update

Erasmus* is a program that I have always wanted to embark on. A few of my friends had done Erasmus during their undergraduate degrees and I was quite sad that I had missed the opportunity but then I decided to take up the masters at the University of Greenwich which included a semester in France (woohoo!).

So what do I expect from France?

I came into Poitiers with absolutely no expectations, and yes I was quite disappointed when I got here. I did not Google Poitiers or anything before I came; I left it as an element of surprise for myself. I was completely shocked to see how old the buildings were hmmm I hoped that the interior had absolutely nothing to do with the exterior (Thank God it didn’t). Never judge a book by its cover. 

I have to say that in these past five weeks I have really enjoyed myself. So far I am most proud of the fact that my French language skills have been immensely improved. I have met lots of new people from around the globe and learnt a lot of different cultures especially different types of cuisine (mostly Chinese, French and Vietnamese). I especially like the fact that Poitiers is really small so everyone is about 20 minutes (maximum) away from each other, which makes it a lot easier for social gatherings. There’s always something on at somebody’s house every weekend. It is never a dull moment.

The course itself is absolutely fantastic in my opinion. I guess this is the most important bit. We have lectures for 30 hours a week and projects the week after. I have been praying for this kind of structure all my life. This means our weekends are more or less free to apply for jobs, finish our dissertations and whatever else people are into. The lecturers are really good and their years of experience reflect on the content of the lectures they deliver. I think the French half should be worth way more credits than the Greenwich half because we learn a lot more solid stuff here that will make us more employable.

Anyway I hope I have more interesting stuff to tell you next time instead of my beautiful life in France. I will leave you guys with some beautiful photos from my time so far, something to hold on to till the next post J.

Till next time,


*Erasmus enables higher education students to study or work abroad as part of their degree and staff to teach or train in 33 European countries.

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